Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raising Hell for Votes

I don't know everything about everything. If you ever catch me acting like I do, feel free to give me a reality check. It's just not feasible; the world is too big. I'm a software developer, and my job eats my life, and I love it.

There is something though, that I think I know a tiny little bit about. And I think you know something about it too. There ought to be a bit of a hullabaloo here.

Nuclear war with Iran is not a fucking joke. It is not a political toy. It is not something you ever talk about as if it's going to happen, or inevitable. This is not the 70s, and we're not in a Cold War with Russia.

Nor are we in the 1300s. Conservative leaders are acting like this is a righteous Christian crusade, and that they are protecting the world from the evil Muslim empire. I guess I thought that we were past this, as people. As humanity. I mean, how many thousands of years have we been killing people who don't have the same religious beliefs? And we still have politicians fear-mongering hate of those who aren't like their core constituency? We still trump up the behavior of a few radicals and say that an entire nation deserves to be treated like shit?

All I can feel is shame.